Patients With Special Needs

There are enough challenges in life. At Growing Smiles, we believe that getting dental treatment for your child doesn’t have to be one of them. Our staff is trained to handle the complexities of treating patients with special needs. We’ll work with you to schedule an appointment at a time when your child is agreeable and use relaxation techniques, such as nitrous oxide, that encourage cooperation so that the visit can be as pleasant as possible for both you and your child. Even a routine exam can be emotional and exhausting for parents and patients, and our office is committed to taking the time to provide exceptional care to your exceptional child.

Quick & Helpful Information

Frequently Asked Questions

If your child has special healthcare needs, please inform us when scheduling the appointment. We’ll work with you to accommodate your child’s needs and ensure they receive the best possible dental care in a comfortable setting.

If your child is receiving speech, swallowing, or occupational physical therapy, it’s important to communicate this information to your pediatric dentist. These therapies can have an impact on your child’s oral health and may influence the approach to dental care.

For example, some children may have heightened sensitivities in their mouth due to these therapies, which could affect their comfort during dental procedures. Additionally, certain therapies may involve exercises or techniques that could impact the teeth, jaw, or other oral structures.

Your pediatric dentist can work closely with your child’s therapists to understand their needs and adjust their dental care plan accordingly. This collaborative approach ensures that your child’s oral health supports their overall well-being and therapy goals.

Remember, every child is unique and their dental care should be too. It’s always best to have open communication with all healthcare providers involved in your child’s care.

Visits to the dentist and oral care at home can be difficult for people with autism. Autism Speaks partnered with Colgate and Philips-Sonicare to create a dental guide and video for families of children with autism and dental professionals.